Sam Potasznik

Front-end engineer and product designer for social change

I have over 10 years experience creating award-winning web apps and games. From my early years in classroom games to the past few years running a consultancy, I love using my creativity to make tech that drives real change for real people.

Let's do good work together.


Founder and Principal

  • Helped mission-driven organizations build better software with development and UX consulting
  • Won organic, positive articles and social media engagement for clients through tech solutions
  • Took early-stage founders from zero to launch & upped engagement for established companies
  • Delivered 100% customer satisfaction and on-time delivery of apps, websites, and design plans
  • Taught best practices of user-centered design to new entrepreneurs through daily email tips
2015 - Current

Games Team Lead

Center for Identity at the University of Texas at Austin
  • Developed three original games about identity theft to teach Texans best security practices
  • Used javascript and HTML5 to create seamless web experiences as well as mobile native ports
  • Started an undergraduate internship program to teach students about game development

Web Developer

  • Programmed two educational web apps simulating an ecosystem and the human body
  • Introduced agile methodology to the team's workflow to speed up production time
  • Supervised QA team and user-testing program to ensure stability and usability of new features
2011 - 2012

Web Development Intern

BarZ Adventures
  • Implemented new features in Ruby on Rails to allow tourism agencies to create GPS guided tours for visitors to their cities
  • Learned DevOps best practices Dos and Don'ts by working on a live web-app with paying customers and real-time navigation data around the country


Some of the fun things I've been lucky enough to work on over the years.


Product design and project management on an early-stage edtech startup.

Skills: User testing, flow design, new feature design, wireframing, hiring, process design

VR Meditation

UX design for a meditation app across mobile, web, and VR platforms.

Skills: Sketch, user stories, Marvel prototyping

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash


Interaction development on three elementary-school learning mini-games

Skills: Unity, JavaScript, C#

Chemex: Brew Perfect

An original game to tell Chemex's origin story and win new fans at the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo

Skills: Product design, game design, JavaScript, HTML5, user testing, project management

Wide Open Games

Product design, development, and release on a self-funded mental-health startup.

Skills: Product design, wireframing, HTML, JavaScript, Hugo

Dream Team

Rapid prototyping for a social-emotional learning game geared towards early-elementary school kids

Skills: Feature planning, Unity, C#, UI design


Stuff I'm excellent at:
Building apps with
  • Human-centered product design
  • Working in teams
  • Cutting features!
  • Thinking creatively 🤪
I'm great at:
Working in
  • C#
  • Talking to and writing for non-tech folks
  • Learning new technology
  • Lean & agile methodology
& I can do this stuff...
but it might be slow :-)
  • SQL
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Cutting features!
  • Color and layout design


Brown University

Bachelor of Arts · Computer Science

CS undergraduate teaching assistant · Brown Klezmer Band · Brown Stand-Up Comics · Brown Outdoor Leadership Training

Grad. Dec. 2010

Press & Awards

  • Keenville: 2020 KAPi Noeworthy School Product
  • We are Obsessed With Chemex: The Game
  • SXSW 2015 Speaker - "Gaming for Good: Using Games to Create Change"
  • Guts 'n' Bolts: 2012 Serious Play Conference Gold Medal


Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to use the button below to send me an email, or just pop one off to sampotasznik at gmail dot com.

Along with chatting about activism tech, mental health tech, and general development whatnot, I love rock climbing, meditation, and good fiction. So if any of those are your bag too, let's trade recommendations 😁

Thanks again, and keep being you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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