My name is Sam Potasznik, and I'm a game maker living and working in Austin, TX. Most of my games are short. Some are poems. Some are abstract. Some are about snails, and some are about love. Hopefully you connect with them. Hopefully they make you feel something. Hopefully they reach through your LCD monitor right to your beating, bloody heart.

Most Recent Work

Screenshot gif from 'Catch and Release' showing the words 'I am enough.'

Catch And Release
June, 2016
This is a game about growing up. About pain and suffering and how only one is optional. It is a game about your inherent worthiness, your value, and your compassion for yourself.

Title screen from 'March Madness: Podunk University'

March Madness: Podunk U
March, 2016
An educational game about money, basketball, amateurism, and definitely not self-compassion.

A stick figure pushing a large rock in front of mountains

Press Space to Learn Your Lesson
February, 2016
A game about learning something once and for all. Not a game about dealing with one issue over and over and over again.

The words 'Snail Love' written in slime across fallen a bed of fallen leaves

Snail Love
January, 2016
A collection of nine small games exploring connections between people and snails. Move slowly and protect yourself while playing this heartfelt ode to snails.

Two little yoshis running around on trees and clouds

Two Yoshis
December, 2015
A love poem inspired by playing Yoshi's Woolly World with my wonderful partner

hands flying through a sea of books, carrots, and tongues

December, 2015
Created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2015 around the theme "Grow."
A short one-button game about possibility and breaking out

a cell phone with multiple messages to respond to

We Have No Good Deeds
August, 2015
Created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 33 around the theme "Monster"
A game about cell phones, distractions, the Jewish High Holidays, and forgiveness


Small games, works in progress, beginnings of ideas, etc.

Educational Games

A lot of my career has focused on building educational games across a variety of topics and technologies. Even though I'm working on this sort of thing less these days, I'm still proud of these projects and thankful for all I learned making them and for everyone I got to work with in helping making them successful.

Beat the Breach

Beat the Breach was developed during my role as Games Team Lead at UT Austin's Center for Identity. Designed in collaboration with Naomi Clark and with animation by Naftali Beder, this still-in-progress HTML5 RTS shows the risks and rewards of collecting personal data for small businesses.

Beat the Thief

Also developed for the Center for Identity and with art by Naftali Beder, Beat the Thief is the absolute best game in the world for 8-10 year-olds about what information is safe to share online and what should stay private. It is also the professional first game which I both developed and designed.

Password Hack Attack

Password Hack Attack shows the dangers of reusing passwords across your multiple online accounts. Kevin Sun and Darien Chen developed and animated this wonderful game as part of the Center for Identity's undergraduate game-making internship program which I started and oversaw.

Guts and Bolts

Guts and Bolts is a 2012 Serious Play conference gold medal winner which I developed at BrainPOP. It was designed by the great people at the Learning Games Network, and it's an excellent cyborg-building experience.

Food Fight

Food Fight is the first game I developed at BrainPOP. This local 2-player strategy game pits players against each other in a biome building battle to become the dominant species.


I'd love to get in touch! Feel more than free to email me at sampotasznik@gmail.com, say hi on twitter . Thanks!