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Center for Identity at UT Austin

Educating Texans and training students

Remember when pre-teens didn’t have cell phones?

At the Center for Identity, we created a web-based game to teach them what information is safe to share online and what’s better kept private.

As the team lead, I oversaw the design, handled the development, and coordinated the production with outside artists and sound designers.

I then ported the game to an iOS app for use with our in-school curriculum across the state.

Showing the ropes

While at the Center, I also started an internship for undergraduates who were interested in software development and game development. These students worked together under my supervision to design and publish their own educational game about identity theft aimed at their peers.

We worked together to implement more professional development practices than they might experience with class projects such as code reviews, project and milestone planning, and user-testing.

Hi, I’m Sam. It's nice to meet you.

I’m a front-end developer focused on using my tech skills to serve the world.

I have over 10 years experience creating award-winning web apps and games. From my early years in classroom games to the past few years running a consultancy, I love using my creativity to make tech that drives real change for real people. Let's do good work together.

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