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Preventing food waste with React

As the lead frontend dev, I modernized our stack, increased test coverage and accessibility, and mentored other devs of course. Through code (React), I also enhanced Replate's internal data dashboards, created resilient mobile-friendly forms to capture data "in the field," and developed pages to display this data to customers.

Census: The Opportunity Project

Frontend dev to help startups use Census data

Javascript and solid, WCAG-AA accessible fundamentals combine to create a site which allows prospective tech organizations and government agencies explore various ways to work together using The Opportunity Project's innovative sprint methodology. Bias Toolkit

Highlighting work to combat algorithmic bias

A straightforward static site for to showcase the group's various tools and resources that help government understand and mitigate bias in data and algorithms.

RCT Cloth

Need some React skills?

I've got you covered. Built from scratch while I taught myself the latest and greatest, this shop has everything from Redux to Hooks, Firebase to GraphQL, testing with Jest and Enzyme, plus a ton more.

Liar's Dice

Full-stack Javascript dev to bring people together

Games can be a distraction from our lives, but they can also create real connection. For this videochat-based startup, I lead the team to build HTML5 versions of popular card games as well as built out templates for external devs to create their own.

VR-Based Wellness

Looking for UX love?

Click below to learn more about the challenges and lessons of designing UX in VR. Stick around to see how I helped an Austin startup get their VR-therapy product into the hands and onto the faces of frontline workers during COVID-19.


Technical leadership & product strategy

With this early-stage edtech startup, I jumped in on everything from coding early prototypes, to running at-home tests with parents and kids, to hiring the first full-time engineers.
Now FabuLingua enjoys a 5-star rating on the AppStore.

Chemex: Brew Perfect

Newsworthy design and execution to match

Chemex Coffeemakers wanted to make a splash as the host sponsors of the Specialty Coffee Expo in 2019. We worked together to come up with the right design, and I then lead a team and developed a mobile-friendly site that spread from the expo across #coffeetwitter for maximum exposure.

Wide Open Games

Let's roll some pure Javascript!

No frameworks, no SPAs, no nothing. Just a static-site generator and Javascript to create this subscription-based eZine I created and ran back in 2017.

Center for Identity at UT Austin

Educating Texans and training students

Created three web and mobile apps over 18-months to teach Texans how to stay safe from identity theft. Initiated and lead an internship program for undergraduate students heading into software and game development.


Flash is dead! Long live Flash!

As the first game developer at BP, I developed science games that instantly became the most-trafficked pages on the entire site. Also installed processes for the team to decrease build time immeasurably.

Hi, I’m Sam. It's nice to meet you.

I’m a front-end developer focused on using my tech skills to serve the world.

I have over 10 years experience creating award-winning web apps and games. From my early years in classroom games to the past few years running a consultancy, I love using my creativity to make tech that drives real change for real people. Let's do good work together.

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