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Developing mobile apps using HTML5? Say it ain’t so!

Well… it is so.

While working on this cool project for an LA-based startup, I lead a team of developers creating multiplayer, networked games in the browser that were then displayed via a WebView inside of a mobile app.

As the team lead, I created the first game (shown here), as well as frontend and server-side JS templates for new and 3rd-party developers so they could create their own games.

Along with my front and back-end development duties, I helped onboard and train new developers to the team as they got up to speed with our development process and then guided them & led code reviews as we worked towards completing projects and pushing code live.

Under the hood, the app ran without canvas and utilized CSS for animations so it could be as lightweight as possible. However, I also created a canvas-based template for 3rd party developers to use so they could work in whichever environment best suited their game’s needs.

Hi, I’m Sam. It's nice to meet you.

I’m a front-end developer focused on using my tech skills to serve the world.

I have over 10 years experience creating award-winning web apps and games. From my early years in classroom games to the past few years running a consultancy, I love using my creativity to make tech that drives real change for real people. Let's do good work together.

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